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Docxta Chat help's you Stay Ahead of the World and Keep an eye on what's trending around!

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Private Chat
Instantly start private conversations between you and any other users in the chat room.
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Upload avatar, Edit Account Information, Add Social Media links, Edit About Me text.
Docxta Radio
Docxta's live radio helps you stay ahead of the World and keep an eye on what's trending around.
Share Pictures
Upload and share your pictures privately with your friends or with other users in the chat room.
  • I love Docxta Chat , It's is easy to use and you can contact your friends and see what their up to :)

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  • Works great if you have a good connection, Great App! Easy to set up and easy to use.

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  • Nothing compares to the quality of this App! It's is really excellent communication and easy to use.

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